Decima Bramall, Gladstone

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“The best part about working with Gordon Flooring is the personal touch you get.”


Decima Brammel




Epoxy Flake Floor

Decima had a downstairs living area she’d gutted during a renovation.

She’d ripped out the outdated maroon carpet, and it had been sitting bare for a year while she researched her options.

In its current state, it wasn’t a usable space. It was dark, and the floor was rough with all kinds of irregularities, thanks to the previous owner doing a lot of his own handy work.

She wanted something functional for her teenage son and pets. Something easy to clean, and that looked great.

Decima started her research by visiting some of the bigger names in town. But she didn’t feel like they understood her needs.

One sales rep tried to push her towards laying carpet. Not an ideal solution with a teenage boy and multiple dogs running around.

Another told her the condition of her floors would be a problem. And that she’d need to hire someone separate first to bring the floor up to scratch before they do their work.

Decima worried that she’d have to go back to the carpet sales rep or just live with the ugly floors.

“I was starting to feel like I’d bitten off more than I could chew. But Roger and Michelle made me feel confident they could do it all.”

Decima had already been through a bad experience when carpeting a previous house in New Zealand.

The process was expensive and took weeks to complete, so she wanted to feel confident before she moved ahead this time.

She had considered polished concrete, wooden floors, and tiles. But after a friend showed her their epoxy flake floor, she knew she’d found the look she was after.

She searched online and eventually came across the ‘before and after’ photos on Gordon Flooring’s Facebook page.

Many of the jobs she saw started with rough floors like her own, which gave her hope.

Decima saw how epoxy could lift her space and brighten up what was initially a dark area.

Being a shift worker and working 12 hours days, though, she didn’t have a lot of downtime to get quotes.

We left some samples in her letterbox and told her she could get back to us when she had the time.

When Roger did come out to quote, he saw the condition of the floors and told her he could even it out and patch it all himself, which was a relief for Decima.

There was no need to go anywhere else.

Decima chose a Duron stone flake with a neutral grey epoxy base, and we finished the floor with two coats of protective UV-stable polyurethane.

The epoxy flake floor transformed her whole space. The lighter colour brightened up the room and gave Decima a light and airy palette to work with.

“It looked better than I even imagined in my head.”

Her son loves it too. He’s basically taking the area over for himself.

Maintenance is a breeze now too. If her son tracks in dirt after playing sports, Decima can simply wipe up the dirty footprints.

She said the dogs are even enjoying it now. They can tear around without getting in trouble about damaging the floors.

Decima said the best part about working with Gordon Flooring was the personal touch she got, along with the unmatched product knowledge Roger has.

She was confident that in the end, if epoxy wouldn’t have worked for her space, we could suggest something else suitable, and we could perform all the work ourselves.

“If you want someone who understands their products, is passionate about what they do, offers excellent value for money, and gives you confidence, then go with Gordon Flooring.”

Decima Bramall

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