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Grind and seal is an excellent alternative to polished concrete that can be finished in a satin or gloss finish. The process is less labour intensive than mechanically grinding the surface to a gloss finish, meaning lower installation costs and minimal downtime.


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Polished concrete is mechanically ground with resin-bond diamond plates to a glossy finish. Chemical densifiers are absorbed into the concrete to strengthen it, but nothing is left on the surface. Grind and seal is partially ground with metal bond plates and then finished with a top coating.

No. Gordon Flooring uses state of the art machinery and equipment, including H class vacuums and air purifiers, to catch any airborne dust and ensure there is no mess on your site.

Grind and seal can achieve both a satin and gloss finish depending on the topcoat used. The grinding process itself will only bring concrete to a satin finish. If a satin finish is what you desire we can finish the surface with a penetrating sealer that will soak into it. If a gloss finish is required, we’ll use a UV stable polyurethane topcoat.

No. Gordon Flooring uses only premium ultraviolet resistant products that do not yellow in sunlight.

Grind and seal floors are very durable and will last for 5+ years without needing to be resealed, depending on traffic. They are relatively inexpensive and fast to reseal when it is time.

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