Boy Espresso Bar, Gladstone

“It’s clear Roger has been doing this a long time. He really knows his stuff. No one else has his kind of knowledge.”


Boy Espresso Bar




Polished Concrete

Kenny and Roger Gordon met by chance when Roger grabbed a coffee at BOY Espresso Bar in Gladstone.

Kenny was already considering polished concrete floors. But no one else in town did polished concrete at the time. So when he met Roger, they got straight to talking options.

With 26 years of experience in the flooring industry, Roger is in a unique position to give you an expert opinion on the best flooring options for your space.

You won’t be sold something by a salesperson in a showroom and then have a stranger show up to your job site who’s got different ideas.

You’ll know he’s recommending the right product for the right job, and he’ll be the one overseeing the whole project for you.

At BOY Espresso Bar, Roger was able to give Kenny multiple options on the spot.

As well as polished concrete for the main area, he recommended an epoxy finish for the back of the store, which was currently vinyl but had seen better days.

“He gave us plenty of options and steered us in the right direction. The other companies in town weren’t really interested or didn’t have the know-how.”

Kenny chose a metallic epoxy floor. This unique looking feature floor can help your business stand apart from your competition.

Even Kenny’s customers commented on how good it looked.

When Kenny wanted to update the floors in his other business, Best Friend Boardshop, he called Roger first.

He needed a good looking floor for the combined retail, cafe, and juice bar. And something very durable, as customers would often test out skateboards in the demo area.

Roger recommended vinyl planking for the skate shop because of its appealing finish, durability, and ease of maintenance.

Kenny chose our premium vinyl plank range, and Roger was able to supply and install them within days meaning almost no downtime for the store.

When Kenny wanted to lay astroturf at his own home, he tried to do it himself.

But after not being happy with the results, he called Roger again and admitted it was harder than it looked. Being similar to carpet, Roger was able to come in and quickly fix it up.

He also hired Roger to polish the concrete in his home too. Kenny had laid glass in the slab, so when we mechanically ground it down, the glass showed through for a beautiful effect.

If you know you want a polished concrete finish, all kinds of trinkets can be poured into your slab for a unique effect when it’s mechanically ground down too.

We finished off the slab with an anti-slip finish so Kenny’s young children can run around all day and he doesn’t have to worry about someone slipping and hurting themselves.

Apart from just offering quality flooring at a competitive price point in town, Kenny tells us a major selling point of Gordon Flooring is the personal service you get.

Kenny couldn’t be happier with his finished projects and is currently planning his next job.

"You’re waiting a long time for all kinds of trades up here. But Roger sticks to his time frames. And he’s flexible. He’s there as soon as he can, and he works well with other trades on site. I constantly pass his number out to everyone. I highly recommend him. It's been a good experience every time, both with price and time."

Kenny Urquhart
Boy Bar Espresso

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